Social Media vs. Traditional Media

You may be wondering why you should bother with social media when you utilise so many other marketing channels.

The marketing methods you currently use may well fall into the 'traditional media' category, this includes print advertising in newspapers and magazines, TV, radio, cold-calling and mail. These methods are by no means redundant, however, their effectiveness in the modern business world is rapidly declining with more and more people being reached via digital marketing and, in particular, social media as they look for fast and interactive ways to get the information they need.

 What Does Social Media Offer That Traditional Media Doesn't?

 ·       Targeted Ads – Social media affords you the opportunity to reach potentially millions of people and break them down into demographics, location, interest and many other categories. This allows you to direct your marketing efforts more precisely to reduce the amount of money you waste.

 ·       Cost Effective Marketing – Smart social media marketing increases return on investment by moving the budget you have been using on less effective media channels, such as print and radio, and spending it on efficient, targeted digital marketing efforts that deliver measurable returns.

 ·       Measurable Outcomes – Using social media marketing is not the roll of the dice that some traditional media marketing methods can be. This is because social media delivers real, measurable benefits to your business as it is completely trackable. You will be able to see how many fans have clicked on a link to your website, viewed your video or interacted with your post.

 ·       Two Way Communication – A huge distinction between social and traditional media is the scope for direct, instant interaction with potential customers that is available on social media. Traditional media is very much a one-way street in which businesses broadcast a message without providing a direct route through which questions, feedback or replies can be directed.

 ·       Fresh Content – With social media there is an opportunity to quickly create and distribute content that is relevant to trending topics. This is a great way to improve your reach and engage new potential customers.

Should I Abandon Traditional Media Marketing Channels?

Not necessarily, traditional media has played an important role in the marketing world since the earliest days of advertising, trusted by consumers and a valuable tool for businesses. However, it is important to recognise its limitations in the modern world and be forward-thinking enough to embrace new methods that are proven as effective and efficient.

Taking a Multi-Channel Approach to Marketing

Social media can form one part of a multi-channel marketing effort that includes some elements of traditional media as well as other digital marketing methods. The key is to find the balance that works most effectively for your business as well as making the most of all possible marketing channels open to you.

 Want to Find Out More?

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