Hey Designers! Here’s 3 New Ways to Sell Your Products Online through Social Media.


If you are an interior designer, furniture maker, flooring company or even an artist, you may or not be aware of how many new ways you can be promoting your products on social media. Lucky for you, Stitch has kept up-to-date with all the ways you can do this by utilising some of the new techniques on Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram. As a first rule of thumb, sign up for all of these accounts as soon as you can and get ready to start seeing big spikes in sales when using each platform properly. They are all must-have’s for your industry.

So here you have it, the three new ways to show off your bespoke products to your ideal market online:

1.     Take Advantage of Pinterest’s New Purchasable Pins (Coming Soon to the UK)


We like to think of Pinterest as a virtual bulletin board filled of inspiring images, magazine clippings and paint and carpet samples that help designers reach their “oh yeah” moment when designing their next big project. Of course it can be used for wedding and some serious DIY inspo, but let’s talk interiors for now.

For those who have been active on Pinterest lately, you may have noticed that suggestions for buyable pins are starting appear on your mobile devices and on the desktop when pinning images. If you see a blue icon that says “buy it” to the left of the “pin it” red button that means you can now purchase that pin or item.

Pinterest considers this service to be a seamless and highly secure way to drive impulse buys on mobile devices for merchants. And the best part is, they don’t even take a cut! As long as you are a merchant, you can be advertising your products on Pinterest for absolutely nada. Muchas gracias Pinterest. The only problem is, it has not yet arrived to the UK, but it is certainly making it’s way over from America soon. So stay tuned!

2.     Put Your Products on the Marketplace on Houzz


Ever heard of Houzz? If you are an interior designer or an architect and haven’t heard of the home renovation app and website, you are missing out on so many sales opportunities. Reason being, Houzz was designed as an online community, directory and marketplace for all things interior design related and attracts over 40 million users each month! Those unique visitors consist of a large number of homeowners looking to renovate or build their home and are in need of design professionals like yourselves to provide them with inspiration, products and expert knowhow.


Businesses can set up a professional Houzz account to help promote some of their best and hopefully nicely photographed projects free of charge and are listed by geographic location in the “Find a Pro” category. If you are an owner of a garden centre or sell outdoor furniture and/or plants, you can even add a green tag on your case study photos too, as shown in the photo above. Sign up here if you haven’t already folks and get tagging.

3.     Start Integrating Instagram into Your Marketing


Facebook not only owns Instagram, but they now offer a way to optimise and advertise your Instagram posts and page online with the accompaniment of clever paid boosting. Instagram has rapidly gone from a young person only platform for foodie pics to an absolute empire for businesses and folks of all ages. The photography app has over 400 million active users and over 40 billion photo/video uploads that averages to roughly 80 million photo/video uploads per day. Whoa, right?

Because interior design firms tend to produce highly visual and eye-catching content, Instagram is the perfect platform for showing off what you and your design business can do, as well as to share images and videos that inspire you. According to Instagram’s March 2016 report, video uploads will soon extend longer than the current 15 seconds, so start vlogging everybody.

Just remember, Instagram is free, so with the use of some crafty hashtags you can stir up some seriously valuable brand awareness on the app without adding adverts. They just help…a lot.  Create your first Instagram advert here.

Hope you all learned something helpful here today. Stay tuned for more tips and fun blog content to come and don’t forget to follow.

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