Busted's Predictions for the Year 3000: An Update.

Remember Busted? Remember their neighbour Peter built a time-machine? We had a look at how Busted's predictions for the Year 3000 are coming along.

They Live Underwater:

Surprisingly, this could happen. It would help deal with over-population problems and remove humans from the potential threat of man-made disasters that would render life on land impossible. There are self-sufficient ‘oceanscrapers’ which can hold 20,000 people and are like small towns, where people can live and work. Good call, Busted.

This song had gone multi-platinum:

Unlikely. We're not sure that the single even went platinum, and its novelty value today probably won't accelerate sales or streams enough in time. On the other hand, we wouldn't be surprised if there was some campaign in the year 2999 that will help considerably. 

Everybody bought our 7th album:

Busted had two albums, and they are scheduled to release a third this year after a "comeback." This one is up in the air, and depends on the band's work ethic. We wish them all the best.


To outsell one of the most successful artists in the music business is extremely unlikely. We would put money on the underwater thing over this.

Boyband, and another one, and another one, and another one:

This prediction is well on its way to being true - the rise of boybands is only going in One Direction (sorry.)

Your great-great-great-grandaughter is pretty fine:

This one is true. Your great-great-great-grandaughter will be under the sea listening to Busted's seventh album and looking pretty fine doing so. 

There it is - our update on Busted's predictions for the Year 3000. If you made it through this blog it probably feels like the year 3000, and for that we can only apologise.