Social Media Starter Kit Series - Interacting With Your Audience

Social media success isn't something that comes overnight, it takes patience and commitment, which is where many businesses fall down. Engaging with your audience forms a very important part of this ongoing commitment, it is quite possibly the most important part of your social media campaign if you want it to truly excel. Any business can take to social media and simply post content constantly every day, but real success comes from the relationship building you can do when interacting, after all it is social media.

Interaction on Social Media

This may include speaking to people who have asked direct questions about your products and services or just asking someone how their day has been. Just take some time 2 or 3 times throughout your day to look over your social media feeds to pick out people who have commented on something about their daily life and interact with them. You have to strike a careful balance between professionalism and showing a personal touch, but it can work really well. Remember, not everything you do on social media has to result in sale, if you're personable and friendly people are going to come looking for you when the time is right.

Engagement on Social Media

Everything that your business does on social media should be designed to engage people, if it doesn't then it needs to be removed. Posing a question or saying something that provokes a reaction and encourages your audience to like, comment and share is exactly what you are after. An fairly straight-forward way to achieve this is to ask your audience for their opinion, almost everyone loves letting the world know what they think, fostering engagement and interaction.

What Does Interaction and Engagement Achieve?

If you're successful in engaging and interacting with your audience then you are going to be connecting with them on a very personal level. This will lead your audience to perceive your business as one that really cares and listens to its customers. Every time you interact with someone on social media you will be appearing on their social media to their friends and connections, this increases the number of people you are seen by, growing your company's social media exposure.

Marketing in Real-Time

Social media is now used by a huge portion of the general population so most businesses can find the potential customers they're after there. With this in mind it may be tempting to cast your net wide, however, targeting individuals is a fantastic way to zero in on the right prospective customer. With social media you can achieve this, particularly on twitter, as you can utilise the search facility to search for certain words and phrases that are relevant to your business. A great example of this is travel insurance companies connecting with people who are letting the world know they have just booked a holiday and liking the tweet or wishing them a pleasant trip.

Get in Touch With the Social Media Experts

 It's time to get out there and connect with your potential customers on social media, interact, engage and repeat. If you have any questions about interaction and engagement on social media then don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a few tips.


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