#StitchTips: Copy Like A Champ 💪🏻

Idea? Check. Pen and Paper (or Fingers and Keyboard)? Check. Ready to wow people with your copy? If at this point you’re shrugging your shoulders, don’t fret! Check out some of these copywriting tips to bring that A-Game to your copy now and in the future.


1. Hit That Headline On The Head!

The first thing people will see is the headline which will entice people in. Don’t make your headline misleading though - people like honest content and with the internet being surrounded by content, make yours stand out in a very tough crowd.

2. Keep Those Points Punchy!

Sentences which are short and sweet are the most rememberable. Don’t faff around with the message - let people know instantly what the message is, they will thank you for it in the long run.

3. Show Your Personality!

Copy, paste, no personality - nobody wants that! Bring your creative flair and personality to your writing! Show that you’re human and that a little bit of tongue-and-cheek goes a long way!

4. Who Are You Writing For?

The style of copy you’re writing will depend on who you are wanting to read your copy. Know your target audience - what would they like to read? They will have an understanding of what information you’re selling to them.

5. Call To Action!

We all know why we write copy - to increase engagement, build traffic and sell the product or service being promoted! Using phrases such as ‘Get Started’, ‘Create Account’, ‘Join Free’, ‘Explore/Discover’ and ‘New Collection’ will have your target audience waiting by their device to click, swipe and type the details required to ensure that don't have Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO.)

6. First Impressions Matter!

For some people, this could be their first time visiting the website and the last thing you need is any grammatical errors or content which isn't eye-catching. Engage within the first 30 seconds to keep them hooked and reading on.

7. Edit 'Til Your Hearts Content!

Editing your work is super important! Yes, it's time consuming but it will all be worth it when your copy is getting the recognition it deserves! A second pair of eyes can be of use as well, it's your baby, treat it with the TLC it needs.

What is your favourite piece of Copy? Let us know in the comments below!