#StitchTips - A Guide To The New Adwords

10th July. It may be your birthday, an anniversary for another special occasion. For Marketing Gurus it’s the day when the old AdWords hangs up its hat and puts their feet up heading into the golden days of retirement.

The new AdWords will become the exclusive way to manage your account and access to the previous experience will no longer be available.

If you’ve been getting used to the new UI, you will notice some of the new features which never existed on the previous one. The new, improved and super shiny AdWords is meant to work seamlessly, improve productivity and ensure that business is booming as usual.

Good job for you guys we have some handy #StitchTips to help you make the transformation over from old to new as easy as 1,2,3. So, let’s take the plunge together and let’s help you for the journey into the new UI for AdWords.

Google AdWords Logo

Google AdWords Logo

1. Step By Step Guides Lead The Way.

Let’s be fair, some people think they’re know-it-alls and they don’t need to follow the instruction manual or take the guided tour because they know their way around AdWords like the back of their hand. The new AdWords experience only has 5 tiny little steps to ensure full user experience and people understand the new features, how it works and how it will benefit their business/client needs. So, what does the tour give you in a nutshell? Well, gather around and I’ll tell you. The five stages are:

1. Navigation Panel
2. Page Menu
3. New Home Page
4. Help icon
5. Overview of the whole thing

Sounds pretty good, eh? It won’t take up too much time and you can continue on your day as normal.

2. A-OK on your Data and Reports

Data and Reports are like our precious little babies, we like to treasure them and ensure that nothing is wrong with them. There’s been a change in how they are viewed - the dimensions tab (a personal favourite) now lives within the reporting icon and goes by “Predefined Reports.”

A full list of changes and benefits can be found over at the AdWords Help Page in case you’re still wondering on what’s been added and what’s been taken away.

3. So, new features? Tell me more, tell me more!

Once you’ve had the quick tour of AdWords, you will notice some of the new features which have came along with the new UI. Below are three new features which you will quickly get used to and you’ll be thankful you know about them:

  • Audience manager - Aligns targeting options across display and RLSA.
  • Promotion extensions - Append limited offers and discount codes to your search ads.
  • Showcase shopping ads - Present your products in a new ad format that groups related items together for juicy SERP dominance.
The Promotion Extensions Highlight

The Promotion Extensions Highlight

4. Old vs. New Interface!

When you’ve just gotten used to something and then it changes it can be extremely frustrating because it’s like starting from scratch again. Not all heroes wear capes though, this nifty little PDF will be your saving grace until you’ll be doing AdWords in your sleep!

Layout for AdWords

Layout for AdWords

5. Start using AdWords!

Now that you have read our handy little #StitchTips guide, go ahead and make use of your new Google Adwords UI. It’s like baby steps, a few paces at a time and you’ll have nailed it.

How are you finding the new Adwords in comparison to the old one?
Let us know in the comments below!