Amplify your business when it is in the spotlight

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Have an event coming up?  Live tweeting, the use of a brand hashtag and/or the implementation of strategic targeting ads across your social channels can amplify your business when it is in the spotlight. That way at the event you can relax, focus on sales, mingle and enjoy a night of wining and dining without the worry of sending an inappropriate tweet or forgetting to take any pictures at the event. As your event guest, we capture the importance of your attendance as your expert marketer for the evening. We understand you pay a lot for these event,  but without effective promotion of your attendance the investment may not have the same conversion rate without social media. Like a showroom with no windows -  no one can see the best moments your company has to offer!

Our expert event marketing hire service can work hourly, weekly or bundled over the year if you run a business that is avid about being active in the community. We can create content and engagement across any social media platforms, but will recommended those most important to your business and the event.

Types of events we cover:

·              Charity Functions

·              Exhibitions

·              Award Ceremonies

·              Student Days and Open Days

·              Conferences

·              Press Events

·              Sponsor Events

·              Sporting Events

·              Wedding Hire: Yes we can even promote your wedding. In America, many couples are investing in high-end Instagram marketing where attendees use a special hashtag such as #AllyAndAndysWedding as a way to categorise their photos from everyone attending. Mad, eh!

6-Step Process

Have a look at our 6-Step Process for Amazing Event Management & See How We Work:


In our first meeting we will listen and learn to what your business needs in the anticipation of your next event. Here we will get an understanding of what you need to achieve, so we can come back to you with some options.


Every business operates in their own unique way. Our team will conduct extensive research to develop the right event marketing strategy for your big night or week.


After we have gone and done the research, we will meet back up to deliver our social strategy for the event. If you approve and like what we have to offer, we will commence our three-prong plan of action for how we will start marketing before, during and after the event.


Quite possibly the trickiest and most over-looked start to a brilliant event marketing plan, is creating content and conversations before the event. We like to not only promote your participation before, but we will work weeks and even months before to follow those attending, engage with the event organiser and to speak directly to your potential clients attending or anyone interested in this event. To ensure the success of your event, we will target your ideal market so when you do show up, fellow attendees would already feel like they know you. Let’s get you digitally famous first so they already recognise your face at the champagne reception!


As many members of the Stitch Social team as you need will attend your event from start to finish to help capture any moments you wouldn’t want your audience to miss. Certain events might include a selfie spot where attendees will promote your brand and products without even thinking. We could even promote a special prize or new product reveal in real-time and build up to these big moments every hour on the hour.

6.  AFTER:

Ok, you had an amazing time at your event and have had more retweets, Facebook shares and Instagram comments than your accounts have ever seen. Now what? Another missed step is the effective follow-up with your social fans. More traditionally, if you were capturing telephone numbers and emails from the event, you would expect your sales team to get in touch with them post-event. Well, it’s even more powerful to chat informally with your potential clients online so you are on their newsfeed where you can continue to market to these new fans to help convert them in the future. Almost 50% of buyers are influenced by social media. Don’t miss out on half you customers!