NEW! Introducing mobile apps from Stitch Social Media...

There's a 95% uptake of smartphones and mobile apps in the world (Apple). If you want to target your customers or new customers then a mobile app is the latest and most relevant platform to promote your business. Therefore, we have recently brought on a website, digital marketing and application specialist to provide a 360 portfolio of services for our clients. 
We are now one of the most cost effective Glasgow based mobile app agencies now specialising in Enterprise and Consumer mobile app solutions for our clients on iOS and Android smartphones/tablets. We liaise with our clients before and after launching a commercial app to increase visibility within both IOS and Android stores to increase brand awareness.

Businesses looking to invest in a mobile app will experience a number of benefits such as:

  1. If you sell online, your app will provide a better user experience that will result in an increase in sales and brand awareness. 
  2. Push notifications, which are free, now reign over text message marketing which can be costly and ineffective. So, if you grow 10k app users in a small chunk of time and send a push notification to all at once for no cost to you as a company.
  3. Keep your community engaged with fun and interesting content whether you are a B2C or B2B company with the assistance of notifications, sales promotions or random events on the day. 
  4. Geo-targeting has made hyperlocal promotions more strategic than ever through means of social media and digital marketing. You can now promote your app to Facebook users that fit your target demographic within your local area. 
  5. All of your social media content can also be streamed on the app, so app users can tune into your Instagram feed and Facebook videos.