Social Media Training & Support For Business

We provide professional social media marketing training to businesses of all sizes who want to learn how to master social media within their digital marketing strategy.

The Stitch Social team will train you and your business advanced techniques for getting more followers fast and effectively through smart advertising and targeted marketing.

This service is excellent for companies that already have full-time marketers within their team who might not have enough knowledge about how to make an ROI from their digital marketing plan or for new businesses wanting to get it right from the start.

Believe us when we say there is so much more to learn about social media than selfies and salesy "buy now" posts.

Social Media Training Workshops

What do our training workshops cost?

Depending on the skill level and size of your soon-to-be social training group, the time and research needed to tackle your objectives and budget, we will determine a bespoke package for the most cost effective and budget friendly option possible.

It's hard to price anything without these very important factors beforehand.

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Here Are Some of Our Training Workshops We Offer...
To Name a Few!

  • 2019 Social Media Beginner Crash Course: Creating Accounts, Brand Awareness, Big Following, Social Selling, Time Management and more

  • Facebook Training 101: Clever Content and Paid Ads

  • LinkedIn Training: How to gain powerful leads and sales easy and professional techniques

  • Social Media Management: Using software to help plan your content

  • Instagram Training 101: Gaining Followers and Getting #InstaFamous

  • SEO + Social Workshop: How to increase web traffic with the use of brilliant social media campaigns

  • Twitter 101: How to get more followers and loyal fans on Twitter

  • Pinterest Training: The Power of Pining

  • Houzz Training: Mastering the World's Most Powerful Social Channel for Designers

  • Brilliant Blogging: How to create shareable content across all social platforms and your website

  • Bespoke Training Packages: Allow us to stitch together a perfect package for your business


We believe...

Creating bad content is worse than not creating content at all.

Our job is to give your team the right tools to create consistently clever content - the kind that brings your business qualified leads and higher spikes in sales. Those who post poorly or infrequently have notoriously scared off potential customers.

Although we are trained experts, we can teach just about anyone how to be more social.

We deliver fun and exciting workshops based on your pace. No matter what you or your team's background knowledge is, we will be there to hold your hand throughout the entire process and monitor your strategy along the way.

Marketing is much more than just paying for likes.

We will work with you and your in-house team to suggest the ideal advertising budget after we determine what your social story is and how to devise an effective content marketing plan. Content is king. We must start there before we invest in paid ads.

There's no such thing as an "all-star" "one-size-fits-all" style training.

We create bespoke training sessions that are personalised to your company and your team. Our training sessions will only cover what you and your business needs. If you are a B2B company, we will suggest workshops that will help build your lead list amongst other businesses you want to target. So maybe a Pinterest marketing workshop wouldn't suit an engineering company as much as it would a wedding business!